Sunday, 22 September 2013

Toot Toot! Train leaving!

Today ... Oh ... Today the Vancouver was rainy but oh so lush.
We found our scattered belongings and were sent off to our journey by
The wonderful Steve and Kathleen all the way to the station.
It seems to be such a pilgrimise in the station as there is only one train to go... And we are directed to play for the departure of the people...We can already see who our fans will be...
The train is very much like the train in the film " Some like it Hot" and with many extremely helpful and kind people ... I am warned that the internet connections might be quite...Primitive. My apologies  for the belated  posts if that is  the case... We are in a state of perpetual animation... And wonder...
...grrr : will post the freaking video and links as soon as this google shot interface will start making sense... Grrr.

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