Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Winnipeg stop

 We have arrived in Winnipeg and it's been a fantastic trip, but we haven't had access to wifi, so hence the lack of blog postings... The trip has been so very special. There seems to be a large amount of octogenerians who have recently lost their life partners. Their courage in the extremely bumpy hallways to and from dining, supporting us as audience in the lounge cars and their steadfastly positive attitudes melts my heart. I feel so lucky to have met them. The staff on via (all from Winnipeg it seems!) have been so fun and generous. Today we saw snow geese and bison and yesterday sighted an elk. The train has been such a romantic form of transportation. Some couples have waited all their lives to cros the country like this. It's like going back in time. The rhythm of the rails has been apparent in our playing, which had been so fun. Gotta get back on train now! Stay tuned for now later postings!

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