Thursday, 26 September 2013

Oh Ontario! & home sweet home

Oh Ontario!

What a pretty last day it was  and  I can still feel the movement of the train and last nights merriments in my head. We met so many wonderful people. Heard dozens of songworthy stories and ate enough cake to make Marie Antoinette proud!
Yesterday after our gigs and dinner we end up to a dome car making songs and talking to various people while playing our newly purchased/learned and loved Hapi drums to the night sky ... A lovely instrument.
We reflected to the time on this travel and realised how lucky we were to have done the journey and how we had learned not only many new songs but also connected to people we most likely would not have otherwise met. We got invitations for stay in many countries and everyones' kindness will stay with us for a long time.
I am trying to make a little video compilation of the little snippets we filmed on the way so you can get the real feeling from the trip too...and post it soon.
Thank you for travelling with us!

ps. We do have a gig coming up in Toronto the 5th of October at the Tranzac club!
Come by if you can!

x :)
Willow & V

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