Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wednesday and Hornepayne

It is Wednesday already in Ontario and we have played 2 gigs already ... It's 4pm and now stretching legs at Hornepayne. There seems to be very little here but we got nice photo ops and noticed how many people we really have travelled with. Everyone is really smiley and nice. It seems we got a bit of a celebrity status here amongst the ( mostly retiree) passengers. End up posing to photographs and thanking for thank yous and plentiful complements. .. It's been a great trip so far. And hard to believe we'll be at home soon. The rocking of the train has become a quite familiar motion to move along with and to play to.
The weather is like blushing bride and sun shine makes this to feel like a real holiday. 
I been trying to spot a bear. No luck; just get my eyes crossed trying riser the details in a passing by forests... That's about the amount of menace we have on this trip if you don't count the body checking fellow passengers while we rummage past them with our instruments on the way to the car where the gig is... Oh!SWANS!!! I saw nesting swans just now...! Starting to understand why the people in The Festival Express partied so much... Otherwise it really is quite retiree kinda mellow journey. Oh autumn you look so pretty! 

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